St Patrick's Day At Malones

The best Guinness, the best staff and the best craic - Paddy's Day just can't come soon enough ☘️

Ready To Get Shamrocked? Let's Paint The Town Green.

Question about Paddy's Day at Malones?

St Patrick's Day

Friday 17th March - Walk-ins All Day

Money drops, henna tattoos, more Guinness than it’s physically possible to drink (feel free to prove us wrong)… Paddy’s Day at Malones will be one to remember!

Live Music All Day, All Night

A craic'in line up of live bands playing all day to keep you entertained.


Yes, there are other Irish pubs in Edinburgh - but none pull a pint of the black stuff like we do.

Tayto Sandwiches

Paddy's Day without Taytos is like Guinness without a head. Just doesn't work.

Money Drops

3 Money Drops throughout the day with class prizes up for grabs.

Paddy's Day Tattoos

A Paddy's Day memento that'll outlast your hangover.

Face Painting

A Paddy's Day memento that's already fading - just like your memories...

Open at 10am

When it comes to St Patrick's Day celebrations: the earlier, the better. If you haven't taken the day off work, you're clearly not committed enough to the cause.



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