Our series of intimate events highlight the core of our brand: Irish authenticity. With the aim of bringing authentic Irish storytelling to Leith through food, drink and music – we’re partnering with other small brands within the community to bring these fun, engaging, tasty events to life.

Guinness & Oysters Tasting

With The Oysterman - 30th Nov

Oysters & Guinness we hear you cry!

The curious combination that once graced traditional pubs across Ireland is making a resurgence at Malones Leith! Accidentally discovered in the 1800s, the pairing of Oysters & Guinness has been a staple in Irish cuisine for centuries and is now celebrated by food lovers & critics the world over, due to the complimentary flavour profile of both ingredients, their quality and their authenticity.

Cultural & Culinary Heritage

Originally a common food eaten regularly in pubs across Ireland, it wasn’t until a member of the British elite tasted the pairing that it became an officially recognised dish! Since then the pairing has contributed to the country’s cultural and culinary heritage, and is still provided on the menu in the Guinness Brewery itself.

Irish Storytelling & Leith Seafood

At the core of the Malones brand is Irish authenticity,ย  and we are delighted to be launching a series of intimate events at Malones Leith from. Nov 30th, partnering with The Oysterman, to deliver a taste of Irish heritage.

Join Us!

Join us from 18:45 for a welcome drink before we head upstairs to our Mezzanine level for Guinness sampling and Oyster tasting. Afterwards we’ll regroup in the mainย  bar area for some live music and hopefully plenty of Guinness!

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