A Whirlwind Opening Month: Reviewing the Hype of Leith’s Only Irish Pub.

Leith, Edinburgh’s up-and-coming city within a city, has a rich history of welcoming fresh ideas, people and establishments to its shores. Irish diaspora has been arriving in Leith for centuries – and Leith’s latest arrival is Malones Irish bar.

Malones Leith, which opened in July, promises an authentic Irish experience, including trad music, live sports, vintage Irish décor and top quality local food and drink, including Irish favourites.

As the dust settles on our opening month, let’s take a closer look at the local press and media coverage that surrounded this charming new addition to Leith’s Constitution Street, and how it lived up to everyone’s expectations.

Media Buzz and Expectations

From the moment the “sold” sign appeared outside the former Bundit’s building, the local press was abuzz with anticipation.

Highly regarded hospitality publication SLTN wrote excitedly about the acquisition of the building by the local family owners of the Malones chain of pubs, the Keanes. Both SLTN and the Herald newspaper anticipated the building’s potential to become a community hub in Leith with commercial kitchen, mezzanine events space and outdoor drinking and dining.

This set the tone for high expectations within the community, as the new owners worked flat out to get the pub ready for the July opening.

The Launch of Malones Leith: In Reels

As the doors of Leith’s newest (and only!) Irish pub swung open, we welcomed locals alongside the press and local influencers. Influencers such as @theferryfoodie captured the moment on socials, showcasing the entertainment, the food, the drinks and the warm atmosphere that filled the charmingly Irish space. In a mouthwatering reel, @foodinburghandbeyond highlighted the culinary delights of head chef and seafood specialist Ruxi Morten-Teng, while the lovely ladies at @edinburghlifemag shared their enjoyment of the traditional music in the pub’s relaxed setting.

Local blogger @leadmetotravel’s stunning Instagram post showcases the authentic décor and the pub’s own brand of Irish whiskey, which went down a treat in a mini tasting on the pub’s Mezzanine events level. The reels made on the night come together to demonstrate the enjoyable Malones Leith experience, such as this one by Edinburgh food blogger @thekookywatermelon.

Media Reviews and Local Acclaim

As our opening month unfolded, the local press didn’t hold back in sharing their impressions of the pub’s offerings. The Edinburgh Evening News hyped up Malone’s reasonably priced new menu which includes “small plates, like Irish stout and onion soup with blue cheese for £6, burgers and large plates, like seafood stew with mussels, prawns, clams, haddock, fennel, onions, celery, basil and tomato for £15.”

ceramic pot of calamari
Crispy Squid & Calamari

Reviews from Edinburgh Live, Foodie Explorers and The Dram Scotland – all trusted sources for exploring Edinburgh’s hidden gems, added to the media buzz around the opening of Leith’s newest bar.

Malones Leith was also top of The Scotsman Food & Drink’s list of new restaurants and bars in Edinburgh. Foodie writer and host of the Scotsman Scran Podcast Rosalind Erskine praised the pub’s commitment to sustainability and sourcing ingredients locally as well as its innovative Irish twists on local favourites.

The Experience Beyond the Hype

But beyond the glitz and glamour of the media spotlight, what truly matters is the experience that the Irish pub provides to its patrons. Local residents have shared their thoughts on social media. In the comments of Edinburgh Evening News’ Facebook post, Tony McQue wrote: “I was there yesterday, it was absolutely rammed! Good to see it that way, hats off to the owners – good food and beer.” Over on Instagram, local theginclan’s glowing review stated: “Malones is on Constitution Street but you could be in Dublin such is the Irish vibe.

With a crowd-pleasing menu (fish n chips; burgers; mussels and oysters); a tank of Tennents and Malones own range of spirits, it’s going to be a popular spot. The added bonus is the tram spot right at the door.”

Leith’s newest Irish pub burst onto the scene with a fervor that matched the city’s lively spirit. The local press and media coverage accurately captured the anticipation and excitement that surrounded the launch, and the pub itself continues to deliver an authentic experience that honours Ireland’s traditions while adding a modern twist. With its warm ambiance, commitment to quality, and dedication to preserving the heart of Irish culture, this pub is poised to become a beloved fixture in the city’s thriving social scene.

What’s Next For Malones Leith?

Keep an eye on our socials for what comes next, including some exciting community projects, the return of football and Goose’s quizzes. Sláinte to a successful opening month and a promising future for Malones Leith!